The rule becomes the author!

»ell Worl_!« is a text by us because we selected and recomposed the text sources. »ell Worl_!« is a text by the authors who wrote the underlying texts. »ell Worl_!« is a text by the Beatnik programmers, because we reassembled the text fragments based on their setup. »ell Worl_!« is a text by Brian Kernighan because he wrote Hello World! for the first time in a programming tutorial. »ell Worl_!« is a text by the students who were assigned the letters H, o and d but did not deliver. »ell Worl_!« is a text.

Python package @ PyPI                                    Published in Anthology »KURZE04«

This website is an executable artistic research paper about the collective Beatnik poem »_ell_ Worl_!«, published in July 2021 in the »KURZE04 Anthology«[Susanne D Engling et al., 2021], and about it’s Interpreter, written by Ting Chun Liu. All of the 3 parts were developed and created together at ground zero, in the context of the Seminar Codichte – Experiments with Cognitive Systems, given at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Winter 2020/21.

Executablepaper means, that all the code in this paper was executed to produce this paper and can be executed as well. You can expand the code and play with it. Especially the pages in the Appendix are designed for readers to expand the code poems themselves. For doing so, just click the button below and you will be directed to an interface in which you can expand all the codes and code poetry in this paper by your own:

Alternativly, to excecute only one specific code poem, just click the rocket below: img and then click binder in the pop-up button and you will be directed to an executable version of the page of your choice.



Susanne D Engling, Josephine Güntner, Mikkel Haynes, Mia Hofner, Maja Mick, and Marie Sturm. KURZE 04. Verlag der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Köln, July 2021. ISBN 978-3-942154-59-9.